Microsoft Office 2019: Microsoft’s Office for Windows 10 for military and government, which will be released on December 1, 2019

Microsoft is planning to launch Office 2019 on December 31, 2019, and the company is already working on how it will handle military and security needs.

Microsoft has been quietly working on a suite of productivity software for government and military users for more than a decade.

The Office for Military and Government suite is a mix of Office for Mac and Office for Android which includes a suite for both public and private work.

Microsoft has been releasing these products since at least the mid-2000s, but the company has not provided any information about when these products will be coming to the public market.

Microsoft recently released Office 2019 for Windows in April and said it will be available for download in October.

Microsoft’s Office 2019 will be based on the Office 365 platform, which is based on Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 service.

Microsoft’s current strategy for Office 2019 is to release a suite that includes Office for Mobile, Office for Work, and Office 365 Pro, all of which will have a separate enterprise edition.

Microsoft is also planning to release Office 2019 in October for a wide range of mobile devices, including the Surface tablet, Nokia Lumia 1020 and Surface Pro 4, as well as the Dell XPS 11, Asus Zenbook UX303 and Toshiba Spinbook.

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