How to install Microsoft Office on Mac and Windows 10

A few weeks ago, Microsoft rolled out the new Office app to Windows 10 users, and now, they’re rolling out Office to Mac users.

The app has a similar interface to Office for Windows 10, but includes support for a number of new features, including live document creation, automatic PDF export, and automatic file transfer.

Microsoft has also included a bunch of improvements for the Mac, including better search, improved document editing, and a new “More” button.

It also includes support to automatically save files from within the Office app when you open them on the Mac.

For Mac users, Microsoft says the Office apps are designed to be used together.

That means you’ll be able to open any document in the Office document viewer on your Mac, and use the app to open a PDF or DOCX file, or any other file.

For Windows 10 and Mac users alike, there’s a new option for automatically exporting files from your computer to the cloud.

If you want to save the files locally on your PC, you can use the “Save to Cloud” feature in Office.

When you do this, you’ll get a pop-up asking if you want the file to be sent to the local device for backup or for downloading.

Microsoft says you’ll also get a warning message if you try to save a file in Office for Mac, which may show up on your computer’s taskbar.

When saving the file, the text box will say “You’re saving this file to your computer.”

Once the file has been saved, it will be accessible from the Mac’s File menu.

You can then export it to PDF, DOCX, or other file types using the new “Share” button in the document viewer.

Microsoft also said it’s adding support for new features in the app, including the ability to edit files in PDF, as well as the ability for Office to sync documents to iCloud.

Microsoft Office for macOS is available for download on the Apple App Store and for Windows machines at no cost.

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