When you don’t need a Mac anymore: The world’s best mobile workstation

The world is changing fast.

And as new products are created and released, many companies need new tools for working across platforms.

And in the new year, some are embracing the Mac with open arms.

Here are five of our favourite Mac workstations.


Office for Mac with iWork – MacPro (2013) iWork for Mac is the perfect way to use your Mac as a workstation, but for those who prefer to work on a PC or laptop, Office for Windows can do the trick.

The Mac version of Office includes the iWork app for Mac, but the Windows version is still the only one of its kind.

For $149 (£88) you get a powerful Office suite with more than 40,000 documents and presentations.

The free version lets you work on the Mac desktop, but you’ll need a PC to access it.

You can download the Windows Office 2016 Pro or later versions from the Microsoft Store.

The PC version includes all the features you’d expect: an integrated file viewer, a text editor, a spreadsheet editor, and a presentation viewer.

With more than 600 pages of Excel files, Word documents, and PowerPoint slides, it’s the perfect productivity tool for those of you who need more than a single document.

iWork is available on Mac, PC, and iPad.

Mac users can download Office for OS X 10.6 Yosemite for free from the Mac App Store.


iLife for Mac – Mac Pro (2012) iLife is an online productivity suite for Mac that combines all the functions of Office with Mac’s native iOS app.

Its most popular feature is the iLife editor, which is a simple, simple app that lets you edit photos and videos.

You don’t have to have a Mac to use iLife.

If you want to create and share your own content, you can download its own iPad app.

If, however, you prefer to edit in your browser, you’ll have to pay for the iPhoto plugin. The $29 (£22) Mac Pro comes with iLife as its desktop app, while the $119 (£96) Mac Mini comes with the iPad version.

The Mini comes as a standalone, Mac version.

iLive is available for Mac and iOS, and the Mac version can be used on all devices.


iPhoto Pro – Mac mini (2012, 2013) iPhoto is the only desktop photo editor for Mac.

It’s also the only Mac-specific one, meaning you’ll find the iFile app for sharing photos, videos, and other images on your Mac desktop.

iMovie is a Mac version that works with iPhoto and iMovie Pro, the professional-grade version of the popular video editing software.

The iMovie file format is similar to the standard MP4, and it lets you capture full-HD video in HD resolution.

The new Mac version includes iMovie, which lets you share photos, video, and more from your Mac to the Internet.

Macs are available as standalone, standalone Macs, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Pro Lite.


Final Cut Pro X for Mac (2014) Final Cut has long been the go-to editing software for filmmakers, but now it’s being used by people who want to make films for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

The iPad version includes a new editing engine called Premiere Pro X, and Apple’s software is available to Mac and PC users.

Final Draft Pro X is the most powerful editing software out there, and if you’re an iPhone user, you’re already in a good position to get it.

The iPhone version can record video at 1080p at 60 frames per second.

If your Mac isn’t already connected to the Mac’s built-in Wi-Fi, you need to purchase a USB-C to Lightning adapter to make your Mac work as a video player.

The latest iPad and iPhone versions of Final Cut also include an improved ProRes codec for high-quality video, a new Live Mute feature, and an improved timeline view.


FinalCut Pro X – iPad (2014, 2015) This Mac version also supports editing video in 4K resolution, and while it doesn’t have the same performance as Final Cut’s ProRes video codec, it does offer more control over your editing and allows you to shoot in 4k for a wider range of shots.

The video output from the iPad is slightly slower, but it still looks great.

It also lets you take more photos and make edits on the iPad.

You’ll need to install the free Final Cut app for iPad to use it, and you’ll also need to get the Apple Pencil app, which allows you use your iPhone’s touchscreen to create edits.

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