How to get a better view of how Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac looks on the iPhone 5S

When it comes to the new iPhone, Microsoft is offering up a slew of new features for its mobile suite, including the ability to open documents in a new tab, which can make for a much more intuitive experience than using a keyboard.

Microsoft is also offering a redesigned document viewer to make editing much easier, which is a big deal for many users, who want the ability the ability of using a stylus.

But, there are also some new features that will make the iPhone a little less user-friendly.

For example, the new document viewer for Mac doesn’t allow for any keyboard shortcuts, which means you’ll have to use the touch pad to quickly jump between pages, scroll, and zoom in and out.

Microsoft Office 2019 also has a new layout, and the app now uses a single grid of tabs for all your documents.

You’ll also be able to create a new document from scratch with a single tap, which will make it much easier to create new pages.

There’s also a new way to preview a document that lets you swipe across the text and see the contents in context.

It’s a welcome addition, but it still doesn’t make the app much more user-friendlier than the iPad version, which allows you to swipe to open a PDF document, or to jump to a page in a Word document.

Microsoft has also released a new, slightly tweaked version of Office 2019, which has a slightly more polished user interface.

This is a welcome change from the last two versions of Office for Mac, and Microsoft is trying to bring some more polish to the application.

The new version of Microsoft Office for iPhone, which should be available in the coming weeks, is available for download for free, though it’s not necessarily the best version of the application to use.

Microsoft will still be releasing Office 2019 on iOS for Mac in the near future, so you’ll likely see a new version soon.

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