How to buy microSoft office software

Microsoft Office is coming to Android phones, but if you don’t want to spend a ton of money, there’s also a good option for Android users.

A new software development kit, which is being distributed by Microsoft, lets developers create apps that use Microsoft Office, but also work with Android phones and tablets.

The developers say they’ve used the SDK to create apps for a range of Android devices, including the Motorola Razr, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Sony Xperia Z, and they’re already working on an Android app for Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which will be available this fall.

It’s unclear whether or not Microsoft will offer an Android version of its Office suite, but this is a step in the right direction.

The new SDK makes it possible to develop apps for Android devices that use Office.

Microsoft has already partnered with Android OEMs to make its Office apps for their devices, so this is only the first step in that direction.

Microsoft Office is already available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, so developers can now use it on any Android device.

It doesn’t come with a license, so if you’re looking to build apps for your Android device, it might be worth waiting to get it until you’re comfortable with it.

However, if you just want to get started and don’t care about licensing, the Office Android SDK is a great choice.

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