Why the new Office 2013 tablet is so bad for office productivity

When Microsoft announced that the first Surface RT tablets would arrive in September, I was skeptical about whether the new tablet would actually be worth buying.

But now, with Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet and Surface Studio desktop computers coming out, it’s clear that this tablet is a total disaster.

The Surface RT has been criticized for its poor design, a lack of built-in apps, and a lack, as Microsoft put it, of a stylus, keyboard, or mouse.

And for the uninitiated, the Surface RT is a tablet with a keyboard and a mouse, but it also has a touch screen, which is what Microsoft is calling the Surface Pen.

But for me, the tablet’s problems with the pen and the stylus are the least of the tablet woes.

The Surface RT also doesn’t come with a built-ins Office app store.

That’s good news for productivity, because the Office apps on the Surface Studio computers are the best and most useful Microsoft has ever built.

And, of course, Microsoft makes its own apps for tablets, so the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 tablets are perfect tablets for office work.

But, unfortunately, Microsoft has neglected to include Office 2013, the latest version of Office 2013 that is coming soon.

Microsoft announced in June that Office 2013 will be available for tablets later this year, but no word on when that will be.

And it’s unclear whether Microsoft will include Office 2015, the next version of its Office suite.

In a recent interview with TechCrunch, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Office will arrive in the fall for all Surface RT devices.

So far, Office 2013 has been downloaded on the devices, but Microsoft hasn’t said when it will be released.

I’ve heard from people who have been able to download the Office 2013 for the Surface 3 RT, and they say it’s available now.

So, Microsoft is missing out on a huge market.

The new Surface RT’s lack of apps and Office is a major problem for me.

I have two Surface RTs: a Surface Pro and Surface 2.

The Pro 2 has an integrated pen, so it’s very convenient to use on my iPad or other devices, and the pen is very comfortable to use.

But the Surface 2 is a touchscreen tablet with an integrated stylus.

If Microsoft is planning to include the stylUSlion on the Pro 2 tablet, I’d be disappointed.

Microsoft’s tablet lineup includes a Surface Book, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro, and Surface 3.

So the Surface line has been solid and well-rounded.

But I’d like to see more built-up Office and Office 2013 apps in the future.

For now, the Office 365 suite is still the best Office experience on the tablets.

I’m a fan of Office for Windows 10 and the new version of Windows 10 Mobile.

But Office 2013 is a complete disaster on the new Surface Pro.

Microsoft doesn’t have a good alternative to the Surface pen for productivity work, and it doesn’t provide a good experience for working with files on my Surface Pro 2.

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