How to install Office 365 ProPlus for $49.99 with a free license

The best Office 365 for free.

Here’s how to install it.

If you’re an Office 365 customer and you want to save $49 or more, you can get Office 365 ProfessionalPlus for free from Microsoft.

The service, which lets you install Office for free on all Windows 10 PCs, includes Office 2016 for free and Office 2016 Home Premium for free as well.

You’ll also get unlimited email and calendar access.

The new Office 365 Office 365 Home Premium package comes with Office 2016, Office 2016 Business, Office 365 Essentials, Office for iPad, Office Mobile and a set of Office 365 Business and ProPlus subscriptions.

Microsoft is offering the free version for new customers who are eligible for the Office 365 subscription and have at least 10,000 Microsoft credit points.

If you have 10,001 or more credits, the Office ProPlus ProPlus license will be $99 per year for new subscribers.

Microsoft says new customers can use their credits toward a two-year subscription to Office 365.

Office 365 Free includes all the Office products Microsoft has made available to customers, including Office 2016 and Office 365 Gold for free, as well as Office 365 Express for $79 per year.

Microsoft’s free Office 365 Starter package includes all of the Office 2016 licenses as well, plus the Office 2019 Premium and Office 2021 Premium subscriptions.

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