Microsoft Office 2010 on the Web: Microsoft’s Office 2010 download page for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android

Microsoft Office 2010 is now available on the Mac, Mac OS X, Linux and Android, but the site hasn’t updated since last fall, and the download page still shows a link to the web site.

In the last few days, a link has appeared on a page for Windows, but that link no longer works.

That’s the same page for Linux that’s been redirecting people to the Office 2010 website since March.

The only thing that seems to have changed for Windows is the domain name for the site.

We’ve asked Microsoft to clarify what exactly happened to the Microsoft Office 2009 and 2010 domains and if the company has any plans to make changes.

Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment.

The new redirects are only the latest example of a change Microsoft has made to its online services in the last couple of months.

Last week, it announced a new partnership with Adobe for Adobe Reader, which Microsoft announced on Wednesday would make it easier for users to download and use the free version of the software.

It also announced a partnership with Google to allow more users to upload their documents, videos, and images from Google Drive.

The company has also announced plans to bring its Office apps to other platforms.

In an internal memo, the company said it would work with Microsoft to bring the Office apps in-house on iOS and Android.

But the memo doesn’t give a timeline for when those apps might become available.

Microsoft also has launched a new “Office of the Day” app, which will allow users to create customized news feeds for the company’s popular news apps, including Yahoo News and Microsoft Insider.

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